Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Letter of Application

Look at the following job advertisement:

Trading and Commercial Bank
         Trainee Managers
We will be recruiting trainee managers to start work
In late June or early July in our branches all over
Europe. Applicants should have a degree in an
appropriate area and a knowledge of English and/or
German. Apply in writing to:
The Personnel Officer
Trading and Commercial Bank
134 Collins Street

1. Rearrange the sentences and put them in the correct order.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I can be contacted by telephone on 01202 452234 in the mornings or at the above address.  __

I have a working knowledge of German and have recently passed the University of Cambridge First Certificate in English examination.  __

I look forward to receiving your reply.  __

I am writing in reply to your advertisement in last Tuesday’s Evening News.  __

I will also complete a degree in Banking and Finance in June and will be available for work immediately afterwards.  __

I would like to apply for one of the trainee manager positions you advertise.  __

Yours faithfully
Juan de Souza

This type of letter relies on fixed, standard expressions. 

2. Look at the following task:

You see the following advertisement in the newspaper. Write a letter applying for one of these positions and asking for more details about the discounts. Do not write any addresses.

Trainee Travel Agents
We are looking for students who are interested in
training to become travel agents. To join our training
scheme you must have a knowledge of English and
an interest in travelling. These positions are unpaid,
but you will receive large discounts on all our organised
tours and holidays.
Write to: Maria Sampras
               Via Ardipane
               Rome 04100

Underline the key words in the instructions. Think about the form of your letter. Will it begin and end in the same way as the previous letter?

Plan your letter. Follow the order of the previous letter. Remember to ask for more information about the discounts. You will also need to give some evidence for your knowledge of English and your interest in travelling. You may also want to ask about the possibilities of work at the end of the training period.

Useful language:

I am very interested in joining your training scheme.
I have loved travelling since I was a small child.
I have visited many countries in Europe.
I studied English for eight years at school.
I am currently attending a course to prepare for the First Certificate examination.
Could you please give me some more information about the discounts you offer?
Your advertisement mentions discounts, and I would be grateful if you could tell me … 
Could you give me some indication about the possibility of finding a job on completion of the course?

Now write your letter.  

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