Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Transactional Letter 2

Look at the following task. Are you asked to write a formal or an informal letter?

Look at the advertisement and the notes you have made below it. Then write a letter of between 120 and 150 words in an appropriate style asking for more information covering the points in your notes. Do not write any addresses.

for water-sports club. Water-skiing, scuba diving, jet ski, windsurfing! You name it – if it’s a water sport we offer instruction and facilities for it. Plenty of opportunities to practise your chosen sport with other enthusiasts at Club Aquarius! For your membership application form write to:
The Secretary
Club Aquarius
PO Box 312
Sussex, SU3 5JT

-       membership fee?
-       Annual or monthly payment?
-       Use of facilities free to members?
-       Sports not mentioned in advertisement?


1. Read the instructions carefully and make sure you understand the key points you have to cover. Underline key words and expressions from the instructions.

2. Think of how you can ask questions about the points mentioned without using the exact same words and at the same time show off your language skills.

3. Decide on the organization of your letter. Which of the questions can go in the same paragraph (i.e., refer to similar issues)? 

4. Make sure you use linking words, such as firstly, also, as well as this, finally when you write your letter.

5. Finally, make sure there are no grammar and spelling mistakes.

Useful expressions:

I saw your advertisement in this week’s “Daily Post”.
I am interested in becoming a member of “Club Aquarius”.
There are a few points which I would be grateful if you could clarify.
How much does the club cost to join?
Could you give me information regarding membership fees?
Is the membership fee payable monthly or annually?
Are members subject to additional charges?
Is the use of the facilities free to members?
Does the club offer other sports in addition to those mentioned in the advertisement?
I would also be grateful if you could tell me more about the kind of sports on offer.
Thank you very much for your help.                                                                                                
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Now write your letter in about 150 words. 

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