Monday, October 31, 2011

Writing an Article 3

In Paper 2, Part 2 you may have the option of writing an article in which you write about the advantages and disadvantages of something, the arguments for and against something, or in which you write your opinion about a subject.

Look at this question.

You have been asked to write an article for a student newspaper on the following topic:

Has television improved in your country over the last ten years?

Write your article, saying what most people think and giving your own point of view.

To answer this question well, you need to plan your article carefully, like this:

  • underline key words in the instructions.
  • Think of arguments for and against.
  • Write a plan. A good plan for this question might look like this:

Introduction: question as a statement; two points of view

Paragraph 1: describe a situation – more channels than before.

Paragraph 2: more choice; entertainment mainly

Paragraph 3: not educational; fewer documentaries; fewer cultural programmes

Conclusion: what most people think; what I think.

Then write your article and check it carefully.

The following phrases may be useful in writing this type of article:

Many people think that …. . However, there are people who think that ….
A few years ago …..   Nowadays, on the other hand, …..
It is therefore certainly true that …..
It is worth remembering however, that ….
Furthermore, it must be admitted that …..
On balance, therefore I think that …..

Now write your article. Ask the Study Centre monitor for help if you need it.

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