Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Writing a Report 1

You work in a language school helping to organise excursions and trips for students. The school director has asked to prepare a report on a museum in your area.

Write your report in 120-180 words describing the museum and what it has to offer students of English as a foreign language. Mention both good and bad points in your report.

1. Planning:

·        Jot down the negative and positive points about the place, keep in mind students of English.

·         Use linking expressions to contrast the negative and positive aspects.

despite / in spite of                                       but
although / even though                              On the other hand

·         Group your ideas into numbered paragraphs, with sub-headings:

1.    Introduction

2.    Price

3.    Interest

4.    Language

5.    Conclusion

Give your report a clear title, i.e., Report on the Seals Museum, La Spezia

To: School Director

From: Excursions officer

Useful phrases:

I visited the Seals Museum last week in order to decide if it would be an interesting place for students to visit.
I will comment on the following: price, interest, language
The entrance fee to the museum is …
There is a reduction for students.
Students pay half-price on Wednesdays.
There are many interesting exhibits on display.
The Egyptian section was closed on the day I visited.
I especially liked the …
I found the …. especially interesting.
I think students will appreciate the ….
Most students will find the …. of interest.
A guidebook in English is available.
The guidebook is rather expensive.
It contains some beautiful colour photographs.
The guides are helpful.
The guides don’t speak English.
There is an audio commentary in English.
It wasn’t working on the day of my visit.
In my opinion ….
To conclude, I think that ….
I am therefore of the opinion that ….


  1. Thanks, it' s help me a lot on my writing practice.

  2. Thanks, it' s help me a lot on my writing practice.