Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Formal and Informal Letters

Divide the following expressions into formal and informal:

It was great to hear from you.  __
I am writing with reference to your letter of 25 May.  __
Thanks for writing to me.  __

Well done!  __
I would like to offer congratulations on your recent promotion.  __
Please allow me to congratulate you on your recent success.  __

Advice / suggestion
Why not try __
What about going __
It is recommended that you contact __
You could visit __
I urge you to consider the points I have made.  __
If I were you I’d __

Moreover,  __
Then again, __
Furthermore,  __
Better still,  __
What’s more,  __
Additionally,  __

Do drop me a line if you have time.  __
I look forward to hearing from you without delay.  __
Hope to hear from you soon.  __
Keep in touch.  __
I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.  __


You have just returned from a trip to Florida. You flew there and back with “Ocean Air”. You decide to write to the airline to complain about your flight and ask for some money back.

Read the advertisement and the notes you made and then, using the information, write a letter to the airline. You may add other relevant points of your own.


We offer:
  • 4 flights a day       late boarding
  • wide, comfortable seats
  • friendly, well-trained staff    quite rude
  • a good choice of food
(no problems with special diets)    no vegetarian for me!
  • the latest in in-flight entertainment   movie already been on TV!

(Write between120-180 words. No postal addresses)

Things to consider:
- type of letter (formal/ informal)
- possible openings/ endings
- organization of the letter
- number of paragraphs
- connecting devices (words to help you link your ideas)

Don't forget to include all of the points

Expressions you could use:

I am writing to complain about ….
I recently flew to Florida with your airline, and unfortunately ….
Your advertisement talks about …. whereas my experience was that ….
In your advertisement you say …. . However, in reality, ….
Your advertisement mentions …. . On my flight, however, ….
Another cause for complaint was that …..
Not only that, but …..
All in all, I am most dissatisfied with the service I received and ….
I hope you will be able to refund at least some of the return fare, as ….
I hope to receive an apology in the near future.


  1. Thanks for sharing this nice post. Before writing letter to any one, you should understand the format of Formal and Informal Letters in English.