Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Look at this task.

You work in a fitness centre. The centre would like to encourage more business people to use its facilities after work. There are many companies in your town which have English-speaking employees and you have been asked to prepare the text for a leaflet aimed at them.

You should:

1. introduce the fitness centre and its facilities.
2. emphasise the benefits of regular exercise.
3. give brief general advice on ways of avoiding stress in daily life.

Write the text for the leaflet using about 250 words.

First, you will need to think about the content of your leaflet.
-       make a list of possible exercise and other facilities (such as a shop, cafĂ© etc)
-       make notes about the benefits of regular exercise (and the dangers of inactivity)
-       think about what to include in the “general advice” section.

Layout and organisation
Information sheets, leaflets and brochures are intended to inform, persuade or warn. The two main aims are therefore to catch the reader’s attention and to present the message as clearly as possible. To do this, layout and organisation need to be as effective as possible. Short paragraphs with clear headings are much easier to read and absorb than long blocks of text, for example. The best approach is to imagine yourself as the reader and to ask what you would want to know, and in what order you would find it easiest to absorb the information. Consider these points:

Main heading:
-       Is this as direct and eye-catching as possible?
-       Does it give the reader a clear idea of what the subject is?
-       Does it make the reader want to read on?

-       Are these short and clear? Asking a question in your heading may be more interesting than stating a fact.

-       Is the information broken up into short, easy-to-read sections?
-       Is the order logical?

Visual help:
Can you help the reader, for example:
            by indenting small sub-sections so that
            they stand out as small blocks which
            are clearly separate from the main text?
-       by putting important points on separate lines? Or
6. by numbering your points? Or
  • by putting “bullets” in front of main points? Or
by using different STYLES and sizes of writing? Or
by underlining or putting boxes round important words.

You won’t be marked on your design skills, of course, but you may make a good impression on the examiner!

Look at this example of a leaflet which gives information about looking after your heart. Here we have reproduced only the text of the leaflet, as this is all that you are required to produce in the exam. A real-life leaflet would of course contain visuals as well.

Look After Your Heart
A Simple Guide To Feeling Fitter
Looking Better
And Living Longer

Why do I need to look after my heart?
By looking after your heart you can feel fitter and look
better – and you’ll be protecting yourself against heart disease too.
England is one of the worst countries in the world for heart disease.
It causes one in three of all deaths among 55-64 year olds.

What causes heart disease?
Your heart needs a supply of oxygen that comes from the blood
 in its arteries. Over a number of years these arteries can get clogged up
and the supply of blood to the heart can stop. This causes a heart attack.

I’m fit and healthy. Why should I worry?
Heart attacks usually happen to people in middle age, but the damage
 to your arteries can start long before that, without you realising it.
It can even start to develop in childhood.
So it’s important to look after your heart now, whatever your age.

Isn’t a heart attack a quick way to go?
Not always. Heart disease can cause years of pain, discomfort and worry.

How can I avoid getting heart disease?
There are no guarantees, but the best way to avoid heart disease is:
Don’t smoke
Eat healthily
Take regular exercise
Go easy on alcohol
Avoid stress if you can
If you have heart disease in you family you may have a greater risk of
getting it yourself so it’s especially important to follow this advice.


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