Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Writing a report 2


Your local museum is quite old-fashioned and not many people visit it. Your local tourist board has asked you to write a report on the museum, and give some recommendations on how to improve its image. Write your report.


A  Purpose
B  The museum today
C  Suggested improvements
D  Additional facilities
E  Conclusion


1. ____________________________
The museum mainly contains items connected with the pottery industry and various inventions connected with it. Generally, most of the items are displayed in glass cabinets with explanations on small bits of card. These aren’t very easy to read and some of them are placed too high for small children. The lighting inside the building is also very poor.

2. ____________________________
To sum up, I found that Wademouth Museum could have a bright future if some time was spent up-dating the displays and opening some new facilities.

3. ____________________________
Finally, I spoke to some of the visitors, and one thing that most people mentioned is having a good gift shop and a café in the building. The profits from these would help to pay for more interesting displays.

4. ____________________________
The aim of this report is to give an outline of what can be seen in this museum and to suggest ways in which the museum can change its image.

5. ____________________________
Although the museum gives the visitor a good idea of how the pottery industry developed through the ages in this area, it doesn’t make the subject come alive. I would recommend that the museum puts in some working models, or, even better, have people showing you how the pots were produced.

The correct order for the paragraphs is: ______________________________________

Group the expressions in bold into the functions below:

1. Introducing  ____________________________________________________
2. Reporting an impression  __________________________________________
3. Generalising  ___________________________________________________
4. Making a recommendation or suggestion  _____________________________
5. Concluding  ____________________________________________________

Try to write the report:

You regularly write a column in your college magazine on new films that are being shown in your town. Attendance at the local cinema is falling, and they have asked you to write a report, based on research at your college, on the cinema’s facilities and to make some recommendations on how to attract more people to the cinema.

Write your report.

Pay attention to planning and structuring your report.


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